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The problem with blocks

As noted in my post about the new AHA guidelines for STEMI, new left bundle-branch block in the absence of any Sgarbossa’s criteria is no longer to be considered indicative of STEMI.¬† This is potentially a major change for those … Continue reading

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I’ll try not to make a habit of this:

But I’m afraid I couldn’t resist this time…

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Welcome to the Apocalypse

Well, 21/12/2012 is here, and what an eventful day it is. Notwithstanding the whole end of the world thing happening today, it is also my birthday (I’m pretty sure I didn’t cause the apocalypse, but no guarantees I’m afraid) And, … Continue reading

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Can I get a SITREP please? (Warning: Rant Ahead)

There are many things that I will never understand in this world. Quantum entanglement. Man’s inhumanity to man. Why people buy Jeeps. However, most perplexing amongst life’s mysteries, is why it is so damn hard to give a SitRep.

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CT scans – coming soon to an ambulance near you?

Back in the dark ages, when I first entered the ambulance service, stroke was something that was not treated with any particular degree of urgency. ¬†Dispatch was typically without lights and sirens, as was transport, and the feeling was that … Continue reading

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