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Death by intubation?

Airway management, in particular the use of endotracheal intubation by paramedics, is a hot topic in EM at the moment.  There have been a lot of studies published, most of which show that intubation is harmful or at the very … Continue reading

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Big Arse Blood Pressure. Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the home BP machine.

Here’s a lovely bit of blogging serendipity.  I worked the other night on the road on overtime.  Whilst I was out and about saving lives (mostly my own by parking up at my favourite night shift coffee shop) I got called … Continue reading

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Thinking out loud.

I often struggle with… things.  Most things in fact.  In particular, thinking places no small degree of strain upon my dangerously limited capacities.  In spite of this I have been thinking lately.  Thinking about bougies.  You know, those long, usually … Continue reading

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Sepsis: Updated Guidelines

The Surviving Sepsis Campaign has released it’s new guidelines for the management of sepsis (Fulltext PDF available here) So what is new and relevant for paramedics?  Read on to find out.

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SMACC happens!

It’s on!  Conference booked.  Flights booked.  Hotels booked.  Sickies pulled That’s right, I’m going to SMACC.  See you all there! Robbie

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More on tPA for stroke

DrGDH has put together a superb prezi on tPA for stroke that deconstructs the data in a clear and entertaining fashion. Dive head first down the rabbit hole, if you dare!

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Blowing noses: High Flow Nasal Cannula

Most paramedics (myself included) find intubating children with respiratory failure to be more than a little stressful, mostly because they are a cohort of patient with whom we have little experience.  I suspect we also feel that the stakes are … Continue reading

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Are you driving an African swallow or a European swallow?

Rural ambulance crew: “Can you let the local hospital know we are bringing them 3 patients with minor injuries post low speed rta?” Me: “Sure can, what’s your ETA to them?” Rural ambulance crew: “About 30 kilometres.” Me: “…”

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Everything Airway, Part 1

Perhaps nothing defines the critical care provider more than the ability to place some plastic between some vocal folds.  And of all the topics in prehospital care, perhaps nothing is more controversial than paramedic intubation: should we, shouldn’t we, if … Continue reading

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Laying the SMACC down!

So, who is off to SMACC in March?  What is SMACC you ask?  SMACC is the exciting new conference on Social Media and Critical Care.  It will be filled with all the topics we find fascinating, presented by a who’s … Continue reading

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