Laying the SMACC down!

So, who is off to SMACC in March?  What is SMACC you ask?  SMACC is the exciting new conference on Social Media and Critical Care.  It will be filled with all the topics we find fascinating, presented by a who’s who of FOAM:  Scott Weingart, Minh Le Cong, Joe Lex, the LIFTL team, Oli Flower… the list goes on.  There is even a rumour (completely unsubstantiated it seems) that some guy called Cliff Reid might be speaking.  Apparently.

Clinical topics include: intubating the shocked patient, catecholamines in resuscitation (there’s a post for another time), early goal directed therapy, fluids for resuscitation, various cardiology and ECG issues, toxicology… and again a huge list of others.  Clearly these are all issues that are very pertinent for paramedics, particularly those of us who like to be at the pointy end of looking after sick people.

Educational topics also abound, especially those pertaining to #FOAM so for me it really is the perfect synthesis of my nerdy interests.

There will also be SIMWARS, Ultrasound competitions, poster-presentations, dinners, drinks, hang-overs but hopefully no regrets.

So, I have checked my roster… I’m off!  Floated the idea to the Finance Department (a meeting is scheduled for today when she gets home) who doesn’t seem completely averse to the idea.  So it looks like it may be happening, I’m going to put on my big-boy pants and go dive into the world of real medicine and academia for a few days.

This is both exciting and more than a little frightening.  I’m afraid that I shall be completely out of my depth surrounded by the glittering figure-heads of modern critical care and education.  I know no-one (and can sadly convince none of my friends to come with me – they are both busy that week.  Washing their hair.  Seems legit)

But I will man up and go, because I believe that there is no reason for paramedics not to be involved in the critical care conversation.  This is the world we work in, and these physicians are the people we should be looking to as both professional colleagues and leaders.  I am also getting on board with #FOAM and believe that this educational paradigm is ideally suited to paramedic education.

So wish me luck floating around the edges of the conference.  Or, better yet, come along.  Registration is a simple online process (here), paramedics get a discounted price, accommodation is available at special rates, you can probably claim most of it back on tax, Sydney is a great city (sorry Melbourne, no hard feelings) and it will be a lot of fun.

I hope to see you all there!  (Not that I will recognise you of course, but still…)


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5 Responses to Laying the SMACC down!

  1. Robbie – I suspect you won’t be without friends at SMACC for long…
    See you there!

    • ambofoam says:

      Thanks Chris.
      Sorry I took so long to approve your post, I only just found it in the spam filter. Not sure what that means…
      See you at SMACC!

  2. You are not alone, I will see you there!

    • ambofoam says:

      That’s excellent, always happy to see my countrymen over here. Anyone else coming? Join in, it’ll be a great experience.

  3. Absolutely no reason not for you to be there – you guys are the frontline in prehospital and critical care. I will shout you a beer…

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