The Occasional Intubator with Minh Le Cong and Rob Bryant

When I read the data that is out there on occasional intubators, it appears that I am not such a beast.  I certainly have over 60 intubations to get out of that ‘novice’ stage, and I intubate more than once a month (on average)

However, I am not entirely convinced about this.  I may not be an occasional intubator, but I most definitely am a binge intubator.  I may place half a dozen tubes in a week, but then I may go for a month or two (or more) without managing any airways at all.  So ultimately I feel that the lessons for occasional intubators apply just as readily to us binge intubators.

Head on over to the PHARM to listen Minh and Rob discuss the occasional intubator and what can be done to maximise our experience and abilities for those times that we do come up against it.   This is a relatively long podcast but it is well worth the time for those of us who may wield a laryngoscope in anger from time to time.

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