Welcome to the first ever AmboFOAM podcast

Well, I’ve finally got motivated and got on to doing a podcast.  This is for the new paramedic, volunteer or paramedic student just beginning their career.

My thanks to my mate Tim from KI-docs for providing the inspiration and for showing me that podcasting doesn’t have to be that scary.  Of course I am also indebted to Scott Weingart, Minh Le Cong, Yen Chow and Andrew Tagg, Cliff Reid, Ben Meadley and all the other active FOAMed people who inspire me to continue producing content that might keep up with their efforts.

This is a series of 3 shortish podcasts that are designed for the new paramedic or paramedic student.  It is a little look at what I think is important for new paramedics but it is by no means an exhaustive list.

As this is my first podcast, I would love feedback, so please leave comments here, drop me a line at angrayambulancedriver(at)gmail.com or via twitter where my handle is @AmboFOAM.

To listen to the podcasts click on the “play” button, or you can right click the file and select “save as” to download and listen at a later time.

Part 1 is about what we expect from new paramedic students and what to expect when starting on the road (it’s a little long sorry)
AmboFOAM New Medic 1

Part 2 is about shift work, the toll it takes and some ideas about how to deal with it.
AmboFOAM New Medic 2

Part 3 is some stuff on human factors, managing jobs, managing yourself.
AmboFOAM New Medic 3

I hope you enjoy the podcasts, and I hope there is something of value you can take from them.  Feedback, as always, is greatly appreciated.


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7 Responses to Welcome to the first ever AmboFOAM podcast

  1. drew1387 says:

    Thanks Robbie,

    as a GAP1, all this talk is always great to hear more than once to reassure me that becoming proficient actually takes a fair bit of time. I think some of the toughest things in my first month on road weren’t just going to patients, but just being overwhelmed by every aspect of the job that it would impact on my functional abilities! Being prompted for a BP was not a proud moment… Great start to hear from you and your colleagues with tips for young players. I wouldn’t mind hearing what you have to say about history taking or handover processes….



  2. rfdsdoc says:

    Reblogged this on PHARM and commented:
    well done Rob!

  3. Good stuff Robbie, you angry ambulance driver you. Now, need to get this stuff up on iTunes – it;s good stuff…and when you have worked out how to do it, teach me – got a whole series on ruraldoctors.net I need to bung onto iTunes…

  4. Zeke says:

    Small bit of feedback- add “ambofoam” somewhere in the file name of your podcasts, as well as filling out the metadata in the mp3 file (such as the title, artist, etc) so it is easier to find in playlists and in folders.
    Thanks for the resources.

  5. caps says:

    Really enjoyed this and it helped me a lot thanks for putting in the effort!

  6. Matt says:

    This was great Robbie. I’m only in my second year of the paramedicine degree, but I feel I gain an immense amount listening into discussions like this – so thanks for sharing your knowledge. PS I’m with Drew – would be great to hear what you have learnt over the years in regard to history taking… Cheers, Matt.

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