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Keeping up appearances

Here is a fantastic piece by Dr Andrew Tagg over at the PHARM about “Keeping up Appearances” Really though it is about professionalism and caring in emergency medicine, and it is absolutely relevant to all paramedics. Keeping up appearances.

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The Power of Social Media and FOAM

I was just given a fantastic reminder of just how excellent social media can be for those of us in the medical fields. ┬áThat’s right, it’s not just for drunken rambling or posting photos of your lunch/cat/alcohol/genitals… I was browsing … Continue reading

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SMACC is Coming…

Unless you have been stuck in a sensory deprivation tank for the last year or so, you are probably aware of the conference phenomenon that is SMACC (Social Media and Critical Care) This incredible event captured the imagination of the … Continue reading

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BagValveMask as a murder weapon

It is common practice in EMS in Australia to use a bag-valve-mask as the weapon of choice for pre-oxygenation/de-nitrogenation prior to intubation. This may not always be a good idea as Minh explains over at the PHARM BagValveMask as a … Continue reading

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