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Should paramedics perform tracheal intubation?

From Prehospitalmed:  Should paramedics perform tracheal intubation?. I suspect no-one will be surprised by my thoughts on this…

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Learning curve for paramedic endotracheal intubation and complications

Originally posted on Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine – THE PHARM dedicated to the memory of Dr John Hinds:
(picture courtesy of Twitter Queensland Ambulance) Another great open access article from International Journal of emergency medicine! Learning curve for paramedic endotracheal…

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tPA for Stroke. Again. Sorry about that.

Sorry to carry on about this, but I can’t help myself… The other night SBS television in Australia aired a special on stroke (found online here)  It brought together some stroke survivors, neurologists, emergency doctors and so on to discuss … Continue reading

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