Trauma Junkie? Have I got the course for you!

For all you trauma junkies out there (and let’s face it, that’s most of us at some stage) there is a new way to get your fix of top-notch, innovative, interactive and exciting education….

The Emergency Trauma Management Course is a new short course designed by Andy Buck (@edexam) and Amit Maini (@sithlord2004) to meet the needs of Emergency Medicine Providers.  It is delivered over three days; is interactive; practical; has no “death by PowerPoint” and is taught by experts with first hand knowledge of the topic.  These people live and breath cutting edge trauma management on a day to day basis.

The course is not free, but I believe the price is reasonable given the content that has been developed and the support that Andy and Amit provide.

So is this course relevant to the paramedic given it is designed around an ED based model?  Hell yes!  I was fortunate enough to discuss the ETMCourse with Andy at the inaugural SMACC conference, and subsequently with Amit more recently, and it is clear to me (and them) that this course is something that paramedics could get a lot out of.  There is certainly some stuff we don’t necessarily do (thoracostomy anyone?) but there is stuff we definitely do (CRM and RRM, other procedures), stuff we might do (ultrasound) and stuff that we definitely should take a major interest in anyway (trauma reception for example)

There is also that important intangible of closer professional relationships, breaking down of silos and cross-pollination of ideas that comes with joining our professional colleagues in education.  Remember, it’s about upstairs care, downstairs, out there or anywhere.  The patient doesn’t care who looks after them, they only care that they get the best care.

I will be signing up for the ETMCourse as soon as I am able, and I recommend you do too!

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3 Responses to Trauma Junkie? Have I got the course for you!

  1. rfdsdoc says:

    Reblogged this on PHARM.

  2. MattCW says:

    Hey Robbie, this sounds great, but alas, when discussed earlier if there would be an allied health flavour, there isn’t. I agree, there is so much to gain for Ambos in this course, and I for one will be watching with a view to course enrollment if this changes.

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