Pure Gold – the SMACC Experience

Nomadic GP

There were fire twirlers and tribal drummers. Confetti rained down on khaki-clad heroes to the rapturous applause of a live audience. No, this wasn’t the epic grand-finale of a reality TV show. It was the opening ceremony of smaccGOLD, setting the scene for a conference unlike any other.


SMACC stands for “social media and critical care”, and the Gold Coast version was the follow-up to the inaugural SMACC in Sydney last year. Although ostensibly a critical care conference, it also acts as the flagship conference for the FOAM community (Free Open Access Medical education), combining a cutting edge academic program with  innovative education techniques and modern technology. It is a truly international, interdisciplinary meeting, with emergency physicians, anaesthetists, intensivists, paramedics, rural docs, nurses and students coming together from all corners of the globe.

This is NOT the usual top down education handed down by lofty academic institutes to their humble followers. Rather, SMACC is the…

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