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Surviving your first year on the road part 2: Getting along

Workplace relationships and expectations   For many people entering paramedicine as a career the workplace environment will be quite different from what you are used to.  Here are some important things to know.  Bear in mind that these are things … Continue reading

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Surviving your first year on the road – Part 1

Part 1: Sleep and Study   Introduction   You’ve put on your shiny new uniform and you’ve turned up at work for your first day at your new job – Junior Paramedic.  Congratulations!  All those years of study and hard … Continue reading

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A chat with ECG Quiz Guru Christopher Watford

Earlier this week I was honoured to be able to chat to the designer of the fantastic ECG Quiz that took the #FOAMed world by storm, Christopher Watford.

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Prehospital airway management- what is the gold standard?

Originally posted on Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine – THE PHARM dedicated to the memory of Dr John Hinds:
Dr Seth Trueger’s gold standard laryngoscope ? Prehospital airway management- what is the gold standard? by Dr Minh Le Cong Peer reviewed…

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On trussing turkeys.

So a few weeks ago I was called to attend a car crash.  A male had been seen driving at high speed in a high end sports car, before apparently suffering from an acute loss of talent.  This resulted in … Continue reading

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