A chat with ECG Quiz Guru Christopher Watford

Earlier this week I was honoured to be able to chat to the designer of the fantastic ECG Quiz that took the #FOAMed world by storm, Christopher Watford.

Christopher is a bit like Batman: mild mannered programmer by day, EMS ninja by night.  He has also been doing #FOAMed since before #FOAMed was a thing: check out his blogs at Paramedicine101, My Variables Only Have Six Letters and of course at EMS12Lead.

This is a bit of a rambling chat about the ECG quiz, other ECG and cardiology stuff, some obligatory (though brief) airway stuff, some miscellaneous EMS guff and some #FOAMed.  It’s a bit long (although I could quite happily have chatted for longer, Christopher is a really nice bloke and very easy to yarn with) and thus a bit large.  I’ve dropped the encoding quality back a bit to reduce the size, so please let me know if the quality suffers unduly.

And no, I’m sorry, this is not yet on iTunes as this is still providing an insurmountable technological barrier for my meager abilities.  One day I’ll borrow a friend’s teenager and get them to do it for me.

(Click to play or right click below and save file)

Interview with Christopher Watford

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1 Response to A chat with ECG Quiz Guru Christopher Watford

  1. Christopher says:

    I had a blast and would love to chat again! I’ve been meaning to get out to your neck of the woods to see Cliff and Minh’s systems, and I swear I’ll find some time to do so.

    I would offer my services in getting this podcast up on iTunes…but that’s out of my field of knowledge. Probably a Weingart or Cadogan question.

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