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So you think you can spot a STEMI?

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with ECGs.  I find them very interesting, but I despair of how poorly I learned how to read them in my early career (pattern recognition anyone?)  I therefore spend a lot of … Continue reading

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Student Paramedics and Subtle ECGs

Last night I was asked to speak at the Australian Catholic University Student Paramedic Society’s clinical night.  Someone I have previously worked with dobbed me in, and I felt I couldn’t say no…

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Rising damp.

It’s 05:30, you are almost at the end of another busy night of standing around ramped at hospital, and you are trying to get back to branch to maybe snatch 5 minutes of sleep when your MDT starts beeping: Breathing … Continue reading

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The problem with blocks

As noted in my post about the new AHA guidelines for STEMI, new left bundle-branch block in the absence of any Sgarbossa’s criteria is no longer to be considered indicative of STEMI.  This is potentially a major change for those … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Apocalypse

Well, 21/12/2012 is here, and what an eventful day it is. Notwithstanding the whole end of the world thing happening today, it is also my birthday (I’m pretty sure I didn’t cause the apocalypse, but no guarantees I’m afraid) And, … Continue reading

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