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Cutting throats with AmboFOAM

I spent a productive day today at work doing some arts and crafts in between calls.  Specifically I tried to recreate the training larynx I played with at the SMACC Gold airway workshop. I think these were made by Scott … Continue reading

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Trauma Junkie? Have I got the course for you!

For all you trauma junkies out there (and let’s face it, that’s most of us at some stage) there is a new way to get your fix of top-notch, innovative, interactive and exciting education….

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The Importance of a Solid Foundation

Here is another guest post by my colleague James. This is an excellent piece on the importance of approaching scenarios in a cohesive, standardised manner that still allows some flexibility. Emergency medicine is actually based on some pretty simple concepts … Continue reading

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The Power of Social Media and FOAM

I was just given a fantastic reminder of just how excellent social media can be for those of us in the medical fields.  That’s right, it’s not just for drunken rambling or posting photos of your lunch/cat/alcohol/genitals… I was browsing … Continue reading

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Emergency Trauma Management

The FOAMed world provides an ever expanding array of websites, blogs, podcasts, holodeck simulations and vodcasts to take in.  It can be a little overwhelming at times with the volume of information that is out there creating a bit of cognitive overload. … Continue reading

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