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Christmas Greetings

I hate Christmas

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Paramedic Burnout.

There is a growing awareness that working in healthcare is hard not just on the body, but on the mind as well.  However there is relatively little published research into the effects of burnout on Paramedics. Dr Liz Thyer (@lizthyer) … Continue reading

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Surviving your first year on the road Part 4 – Trauma

Trauma Psychological trauma When I first started the job, members of my family were convinced that I was going to be a gibbering wreck within the first week.  It wasn’t the case but I understand their concern.  The public perception … Continue reading

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Changes to the Mental Health Act, Victoria

As all Ambulance Victoria paramedics will be aware, the Mental Health Act governing our actions in relation to the care of patients with mental health issues, changes on the first of July this year.  Changing an Act of parliament, particularly … Continue reading

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