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Fever Phobia

Here’s a link to an interesting article on the pathophysiology, and more importantly, the significance of febrile illnesses. Science-Based Medicine – Fever Phobia Many people are terrified of fever, especially in children, with no real justification.  The key takeaways are … Continue reading

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Robbie Rants: Professionalism

Sorry for the technical difficulties, this time everything should work…. Play Download Professionalism

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A great day for Australian Paramedics…

Today is a great day in the history of paramedicine in Australia.  At long last the heads of government in Australia have all finally supported paramedic registration (thanks NSW…) This is a momentous occasion and a fantastic step forward for … Continue reading

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Robbie Rants: HEMS Requests

A short podcast, thanks to the PAIC2015 FOAMed attendees.  I hope you’re happy with what you’ve started! Click to play Click to download HEMS Request  

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Can I get HEMS?

I’m back up in Ballarat at the moment, working in the control room, and one of the most common question I get is “can we have HEMS?”.  The answer is often, but not always “yes”, however there are a number … Continue reading

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PAIC #FOAMed Workshop Introduction.

Hi everyone. Unfortunately I am unable to make it to the Paramedics Australasia conference in Adelaide this year.  I was looking forward to taking part in the FOAMed workshops, however other events require my attendance, so I won’t be there. … Continue reading

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Around the middle of 2004 I found myself sitting at a desk in a huge hall with about five hundred other people. They fidgeted and sweated and nervously chatted amongst themselves. I tried not to get sucked in, but I … Continue reading

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Let’s be clear! Not all trauma patients must be treated with spinal immobilization during prehospital resuscitation and transport.

Originally posted on MEDEST:
Spinal immobilization is performed in all trauma patients from the rescuers in EMS systems all over the world, regardless the mechanism of injury and the clinical signs. This kind of approach is nowadays been rebutted from the…

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How not to end your EMS career

My EMS career nearly ended last week. Not once, but three times. The first time I was treating an agitated patient, whether mental health related or behavioural we couldn’t tell. She required restraint from four police but continued to kick … Continue reading

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Prehospital Use of IM Ketamine for Sedation of Violent and Agitated Patients

Originally posted on Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine – THE PHARM dedicated to the memory of Dr John Hinds:
Latest prehospital research in regard to IM ketamine sedation for agitated patients, notably ones thought to have “excited delirium syndrome” American prehospital…

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