Welcome to new AmboFOAM contributors.

One of the big issues that anyone producing FOAMed runs into at some stage is the cost of “free”.   Of course nothing comes for free and to produce any kind of FOAMed (even of the level I do!) requires a sometimes substantial commitment of time.  As a result posting can be a bit sporadic.  I would like to think that I am the EMS equivalent of Reuben Strayer from EMUpdates, who doesn’t post often, but what he does post is gold.  I am of course kidding myself, so I am pleased to announce that I have taken on some hired help to raise the tone of the joint.

Not really!  However, I am very pleased to announce that joining the AmboFOAM team will be 2 friends of mine who share my geekdom and love of prehospital care:

Ben Meadley is a MICA Flight Paramedic with Air Ambulance Victoria, educator, and owner of the PrehospitalPro blog.  Due to his own time constraints Ben is unable to commit as much time as he would like to PrehospitalPro, and so will instead be contributing as and when he is able to AmboFOAM.

James Marshall is an Advanced Life Support (ALS) Paramedic Educator who shares our passion for high quality clinical care and education.  James has previously contributed to AmboFOAM with highly popular posts such as Strength Training for Paramedics.  Now, however I’ve given a set of keys to James as well, so he will also be able to post as the mood strikes.  James works extensively (almost exclusively) with new, graduate paramedics, and so will bring experiences and an outlook that Ben and I will not (the world has moved on somewhat since Ben and I were in that position)

I’m really excited having these guys on board, and not just because it will take a bit of pressure off me!  With Ben and James contributing, AmboFOAM will bring a broader base of experiences, knowledge, and perspective to FOAMed and FOAMems.  I’m also thrilled to be able to have two people who I look up to both as clinicians and as educators contribute to this blog.  It is very humbling and gratifying for me that such smart, dedicated people would be happy to be associated with my efforts here.

Combined we may still never reach the prodigious output of the likes of Minh Le Cong (who I assume sleeps about 3 hours a week), but together we will be able to improve upon the output and provide our audience with a greater variety of content.



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3 Responses to Welcome to new AmboFOAM contributors.

  1. @Cannulator says:

    [two thumbs up]

  2. johnwood237 says:

    Excellent Idea Robbie – the Aussie dream team!

  3. Delighted to be on board.

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