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Avoid SMACCRegret!

DasSMACC is coming!  From June 26-29th, an all new, revamped, reimagined, and reinvigorated SMACC will be touching down in Berlin. There were some dramas with the last ticket release, but an upgraded system means this time you should have more luck … Continue reading

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Own the OG

I am not by nature a boastful person.  In fact, I have issues with self confidence.  Many might find this hard to believe, but that is only because I work hard to present a calm, confident exterior, as I think … Continue reading

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Cutting throats with AmboFOAM

I spent a productive day today at work doing some arts and crafts in between calls.  Specifically I tried to recreate the training larynx I played with at the SMACC Gold airway workshop. I think these were made by Scott … Continue reading

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Another Pre-hospital Airway Registry Publication

I had another paper brought to my attention tonight by a fellow #FOAMed tweep:  Airway management and out of hospital cardiac arrest outcome in the CARES registry (ePub ahead of print) in Resuscitation (1) I’ve flicked through the paper reasonably quickly, … Continue reading

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Prehospital RSI in the UK

I’m currently away in Japan getting some skiing in, so I’m not up to much I terms of posting. However, whilst waiting for my wife to return from a shopping rampage in Tokyo, I did catch this post over at … Continue reading

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Sucked into the Vortex (in a good way)

Welcome to The Vortex!  What is the Vortex you ask?  Well, if you clicked on the link you would already know.  If not… The Vortex is a really nice difficult/failed intubation algorithm designed by a Nicholas Chrimes, a Melbourne anaesthetist … Continue reading

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Sedation in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is not uncommon where I work.  Primarily they are due to motor vehicle crashes, however assaults come not to far behind this as a major cause.  We are fairly aggressive in our management of TBI and … Continue reading

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The Occasional Intubator with Minh Le Cong and Rob Bryant

When I read the data that is out there on occasional intubators, it appears that I am not such a beast.  I certainly have over 60 intubations to get out of that ‘novice’ stage, and I intubate more than once … Continue reading

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Death by intubation?

Airway management, in particular the use of endotracheal intubation by paramedics, is a hot topic in EM at the moment.  There have been a lot of studies published, most of which show that intubation is harmful or at the very … Continue reading

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Thinking out loud.

I often struggle with… things.  Most things in fact.  In particular, thinking places no small degree of strain upon my dangerously limited capacities.  In spite of this I have been thinking lately.  Thinking about bougies.  You know, those long, usually … Continue reading

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