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A better bridge?

Head on over to Emcrit to read Rory Spiegel’s take on mechanical CPR.  I’m fairly sure Rory has been reading the sporadic ranting of a certain paramedic on this topic, hence his brilliant, insightful work.  I’ll let him have his moment … Continue reading

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Not cool man, not cool.

Just when I thought I knew what I was doing…along comes a study to prove me wrong.

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Swimming against the mCPR tide…

I like it when people agree with me.  Most people do.  Sadly, I sometimes don’t have a lot of luck on that front, especially when it comes to mechanical CPR (mCPR), or when I suggest to my wife that we … Continue reading

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The drugs don’t work…

At least in cardiac arrest that is.  Maybe…

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Mechanical CPR: Three CHEERS or a boo?

There has been a fair bit about mechanical CPR devices floating around the FOAMasphere lately, so I thought I should probably do a post. These devices are not exactly new (check out the Thumper, in use in Victoria in the … Continue reading

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Necromancy and the law: step away from the corpse sir…

Originally posted on Australian Emergency Law:
I’m responding to an issue on ‘twitter’ (but a word of caution, I really don’t follow twitter and rarely look at my account, so this is not an efficient way to get in touch…

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Another Pre-hospital Airway Registry Publication

I had another paper brought to my attention tonight by a fellow #FOAMed tweep:  Airway management and out of hospital cardiac arrest outcome in the CARES registry (ePub ahead of print) in Resuscitation (1) I’ve flicked through the paper reasonably quickly, … Continue reading

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Zombie Attack! Combating Combative Cardiac Arrest

An interesting conversation erupted last night on Twitter (which resulted in me being awake way past my bedtime, i.e. 8pm) regarding the management of a specific issue in resuscitation from cardiac arrest: the combative dead person.

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Therapeutic Hypothermia after Cardiac Arrest: Just Not Cool Anymore?

Anyone who follows #FOAMed on Twitter will have noticed that there has been a bit of a melt-down when it comes to Therapeutic Hypothermia (TH) for Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest (OOHCA) in the last day or so.  So what is getting … Continue reading

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Trauma Junkie? Have I got the course for you!

For all you trauma junkies out there (and let’s face it, that’s most of us at some stage) there is a new way to get your fix of top-notch, innovative, interactive and exciting education….

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