Prehospital airway management : training, governance and evidence

ambofoam (@AmboFOAM):

A great post from Minh on the Wild West of prehospital airway management. discussing the wide variance in not only practice but philosophy that underlies our practice. I think that the important thing is not who you are, but the training and experience you have, along with (perhaps more importantly) having robust systems in place around QA/QI and ongoing skills maintenance.

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Photo courtesy of Dr Nicholas Chrimes

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The Death of the Cervical Collar?

Those fantastic Vikings over at one of my favourite FOAMed sites, ScanCrit have been rampaging through the dogma of cervical collars for some time, and now it seems the campaign is coming to a head:

Bergen EMS will no longer apply c-collars to patients

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PHARM Podcast 95 – Richard Levitan on SMACCGOLD and a call to airway excellence

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Richard Levitan and Robert Simpson at SMACCGOLD Gala Dinner Photo courtest of Roberts blogsite, AmboFOAM

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Cutting throats with AmboFOAM

I spent a productive day today at work doing some arts and crafts in between calls.  Specifically I tried to recreate the training larynx I played with at the SMACC Gold airway workshop. I think these were made by Scott Weingart and/or Rich Levitan,  but I’m not actually sure.  I apologise if I have got that wrong.

EDIT:  It appears that Chris Bond from SOCMOB may be responsible for the cric trainer.  Head over to this page to see his video.  Scott also links to a very fancy version built by St George Hospital in Sydney over at EMCrit
I think I did a not bad version of re-inventing the wheel though!

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Another Pre-hospital Airway Registry Publication

I had another paper brought to my attention tonight by a fellow #FOAMed tweep:  Airway management and out of hospital cardiac arrest outcome in the CARES registry (ePub ahead of print) in Resuscitation (1)

I’ve flicked through the paper reasonably quickly, so there are bound to be things that I have missed.  If you find any, please let me know!

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SMACCed Over.

I’m a little slow out of the gates this year, with pretty much everyone else having their SMACCGold dissections up within minutes of the conference ending.  I thought I would take a considered approach and turn out an epic review, filled with cutting wit and profound insights.  I then realised that this would require a significant effort on my part, so here is my usual page of celebrity stalker photos instead… Continue reading

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Pure Gold – the SMACC Experience

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There were fire twirlers and tribal drummers. Confetti rained down on khaki-clad heroes to the rapturous applause of a live audience. No, this wasn’t the epic grand-finale of a reality TV show. It was the opening ceremony of smaccGOLD, setting the scene for a conference unlike any other.


SMACC stands for “social media and critical care”, and the Gold Coast version was the follow-up to the inaugural SMACC in Sydney last year. Although ostensibly a critical care conference, it also acts as the flagship conference for the FOAM community (Free Open Access Medical education), combining a cutting edge academic program with  innovative education techniques and modern technology. It is a truly international, interdisciplinary meeting, with emergency physicians, anaesthetists, intensivists, paramedics, rural docs, nurses and students coming together from all corners of the globe.

This is NOT the usual top down education handed down by lofty academic institutes to their humble followers. Rather, SMACC is the…

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SMACCGOLD Airway workshop

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Chrimes and I demonstrate cricoid pressure and laryngeal handshake

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In Defense of Dispatchers (RANT AHEAD)

Good morning and welcome to another Driver Robbie Rant.  This one is about a personal bugbear of mine: being rude to the voices that live on the other end of the radio.

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Zombie Attack! Combating Combative Cardiac Arrest

An interesting conversation erupted last night on Twitter (which resulted in me being awake way past my bedtime, i.e. 8pm) regarding the management of a specific issue in resuscitation from cardiac arrest: the combative dead person.

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